ENT (601) – Innovation on a Napkin: EM-1000 Solar Powered Phone Charger


Welcome back to the blog. In this article I am presenting my innovation named EM-1000; the solar-powered wireless phone charger and mount. This is an idea I had a year ago and have contemplated on it for a while, but have not done much with it. In this storyboard I have introduced the concept and a few advantages but have no drawings or illustrations of its design.

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  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your story board, even without the audio it is quite explanatory and easy to follow. My only addition will be that i would have like to see more details about the product, its model and how it will be used, but this is good work. Thanks
    best ,
    Bolanle Akinyemi

  2. Hello Semir,
    I really enjoyed your story board even without the audio it was still quite interesting to watch and easy follow, I would have love to see more details about the product’s physical application and how it will be used but in all this is a great work. Weldone!

    1. Hello Bolanle,
      Thank you for showing interest and taking the time to watch the visual presentation. I apologize for the lack of audio and/or background music. I will create a separate post once I’m ready to share more details pertaining to the actual product, such as design, features, capacity, etc…
      Stay tuned.

  3. Semir,
    I like the idea that you have come up with regarding a solar powered phone charger. This would be a great invention for you to pursue. You’re right, everyone relies on their phone daily and as we know battery life is short lived depending on the use of the phone. Having that capability of not having to plug the charger in the wall is a huge advantage. How long would you expect the solar charge to last? What size would you make the charger? I find this extremely interesting and hopefully you will try to pursue this idea and definitely add illustrations demonstrating how the charger works. Great animation for your solar powered phone charger.

    1. Hi Audrey,
      Thank you for taking the time to watch the presentation. I came up with this idea almost two years ago as I had a need for one but couldn’t find a product on the market. I figured it would be useful to combine the two together, to wirelessly charge the phone and serve as the powerful magnet holder. I am trying to figure out how to connect with investors and how to design the prototype. If you have any pointers that you don’t mind sharing I would be eternally grateful. I will create a separate post once I’m ready to share more details pertaining to the actual product, such as design, features, capacity, etc…
      Stay tuned.

    2. Hi Audrey,
      I am currently pursuing an engineer to help me design the concept and possibly a prototype. I will keep you posted as things develop.

  4. Most people can recall a time where this product would have been very valuable. Your illustrations were engaging which helped keep my attention. I liked how you transitioned from telling a story of your character and setting up the hook to providing details of what makes your solution better than other solutions on the market. I think sometimes we get too focused on selling our product that we neglect to articulate how it is different and better than solutions that consumers might already be familiar with. I do have one piece of advice for future videos, audio can help keep viewers engaged with your content, even if the music is subtle. I actually expected audio and spent time checking my speakers and setting to make sure there wasn’t something wrong on my end and then realized your video doesn’t have audio. But, overall really great video!

    1. Jonathan,
      Thank you for watching the storyboard and providing valuable feedback. I thought about narrating the whole story and/or adding some background music but I encountered many issues with the software over the course of three days that I got drained and could not find the energy to keep re-creating and re-editing it since the deadline was approaching. I apologize for the inconvenience and for failing to meet the expectations. Your feedback is very much welcomed for future reference.

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