ENT (670) – Customer Assumptions


                Sam’s Medical Lab is a full-service medical laboratory operating in Florida Panhandle. Over the past decade, Sam’s Medical Lab has existed as a set of specimen collection centers that obtained patient’s specimens and shipped them to a reference laboratory in Charlotte, NC – our headquarters. Over time we identified a set of problems that many of our patients and clients expressed continually, the lack of local, on-the-ground testing. The inability to test the specimens locally outside of the hospital network made us depend on daily logistics that were outside of our control and caused many specimens to lose stability due to external factors such as improper handling and shipping delays, mostly around holidays and inclement weather. Sam’s Medical Lab decided to bridge the gap and provide the services no other local laboratory is currently doing, by opening a laboratory to combat the inefficiencies and help our customers get reliable, accurate laboratory results, faster. With the addition of the lab, our turnaround time is cut in half or more for most testing and the customers love it.

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