ENT(645): Direct Response Marketing Tool

Hello, again!

In this blog post, I would like to present the simple landing page concept I came up with for my hypothetical business, Sams Medical Lab. This landing/squeeze page is intended to address the burning questions the patient has regarding COVID-19 infection. The call to action for this page is the request for consultation. Since my hypothetical business is a medical laboratory, and as such we’re not in a position to offer medical advice, we partnered with a local physician who specializes in family medicine and has a background in infectious disease and public health.

Additionally, the landing page should capture the email address of the patients and build the mailing list which can be used for future communication and free offers such as a PDF report of FAQ’s, the CDC and WHO recommendations, etc… as well as direct marketing for the “direct access testing” which is available for the patients without a script.

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  1. Semir,
    I think your landing page is definitely attention grabbing. Good job putting it together and using the graphics to enhance the message you are trying to put out. Definitely an appropriate direct response tool for a business in the medical field.

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