ENT(650): Report – How to Collect Cash Owed to Your Business

As Entrepreneurs and small business owners, we rely on our customers to pay for the products and services in a timely manner in order to keep our operations running optimally and to pay our employees and vendors. What happens when the clients do not pay promptly, delay paying for an extended period, or refuse to pay at all? How to we collect cash owed to our company to keep the operations running?

A full report is attached below:


  1. Semir,

    Thank you for putting together such a thorough report on collecting cash as a business. I appreciate the emphasis on the importance of managing the relationship and approaching debt negotiation with the proper “mental state”. In particular, the advice to “treat each call like it’s the first of a very good day” is something I’ll file away for future use.

    Of course on the other side of the equation, you can’t allow yourself to be walked all over either, so the information about when to pursue legal action is important to remember. Unfortunately, no matter how the business owner treats the debtors, some will refuse to pay until absolutely necessary.

    Great post.

  2. Semir,
    Great post! Collecting cash owed can be difficult for a company when determining the right approach. Each company has a specific policy that describes the terms and must abide by those established terms. However, it can be difficult when contacting clients to obtain a debt that is owed. Having the right approach towards those customers will help to quickly receive money owed and keep the same clients for years to come.

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