ENT(670) – Customer Delivery Process – Competitive Analysis

Sam’s Medical Lab is a full-service medical laboratory that operates in a moderately competitive and attractive market. Medical laboratories play a vital role in healthcare systems and are critical for patient diagnosis and treatment. Understanding who the customers are and what they need is crucial in gaining an advantage over the competitors. Understanding the market and the value our competitors bring to the table is a vital step in determining the competing forces we are battling…


  1. Hi Semir,
    I enjoyed reviewing your analysis. It is obvious that you have thoroughly conducted research to find ways that you can set your venture apart from competitors. The tactics you listed such as: focusing on internal structure, culture, customer engagement, and technology use offer a great start on the path of differentiation. As we know, data provided from market scans can help with providing additional ways to stand out from competition. Great job!


  2. Semir,

    You definitely did some homework when thinking about the competitive analysis portion of this assignment. I think you are wise to put your customers first in that market. As a medical lab there will always be work to do, human being have all kinds of reasons to go to the doctor and get labs done. However growing your company meas your lab has to stand out through either quality, speed, reputation, or any other combinations. I think you are on the right track!

    Great job!

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