ENT (601) – Exploring the “learning community” model.

Hello friend..

My name is Semir Ajsic. I am very excited to be a part of this new adventure and a part of this learning community. I have been out of school for some time (since 2009) but I have experienced the use of the learning community while completing the Six Sigma certification a few years back.

Since we were a very diverse group, coming from many different markets and industries, the professor employed the learning community model on the class and required that a minimum of 50% of the final project be completed by collaborating with others, while in class. The class met in person so it was slightly different and I received more “real-time” answers /ideas than a typical online platform would produce. I saw great potential in this method and took advantage of it. Within the first two classes (the classes were 3.5 hrs long), I was about 30% done and was ready to deploy some of the ideas and make the process improvements at the job.

Comparing that experience with most of the undergraduate classes at the university, I noticed a huge difference in the way information was comprehended and retained. If we were following the “teacher-pupil” model we would have been bogged down with unnecessary activities and tests to demonstrate the skills. By applying the learning community model each one of us had an opportunity to learn from the others, benefit from their experiences, and figure out how to apply such experiences and skills to their own processes. We can always learn from one another as long as we are open to the idea that we are not the “experts” in everything 🙂

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  1. Soo true! It is imperative that we take a step back and recognize that we don’t know everything in almost every situation we are in. I’ve found that it’s in those moments that we are truly receptive and tend to learn the most. I look forward to your contributions in class this semester.


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