ENT(640) – Introduction: Sourcing Entrepreneurial Investments

ENT(640) – Introduction: Sourcing Entrepreneurial Investments

Welcome back to my blog!

The purpose of this blog post is to introduce the next section of my pursuit of masters in entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation; the Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis – ENT(640).

In the next seven weeks, I will reflect on “Winning Angels: The Seven Fundamentals of Early Stage Investing” by D. Amis and H. Stevenson.

The book takes us through several stages, first one being the investment strategy, the second part presents the seven fundamentals of angel investing, consisting of: sourcing, evaluating, valuing, structuring, negotiating, supporting, and harvesting. The final part consists mostly of interviews and biographies of 50 of the leading business angels.

In the next post we will begin looking into the first of the seven fundamentals, the sourcing.

Stay tuned.

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